The Accumulus Energy Group and The Light Factory

We are proud to offer our support to such an iconic SA business as Anups and his team.

I would also like to bring to your attention this SA energy usage pie chart A powerful reference when we talk about the cost of living for SA families.


The government support of energy efficiency initiatives in the states and at federal level such as LED lighting is praise worthy. However, if you reference the amount of energy consumed in lighting comparative to the cost of heating and cooling in an average household then one can see a bigger return on the government investment can be obtained from assisting families to reduce the greater portion of their power bills costs (heating and cooling).


Recent analysis has shown that reverse cycle AC is the most efficient and cost effective means to deliver heating and cooling. Even without consideration of the single point installation costs, lower maintenance costs and elimination of the use of up to 25 litres of drinking water per hour that evaporative coolers consume just to provide a few degrees of comfort cooling in summer. After all we live on the driest continent of earth.


We talk about the efficiency gains of our technology in averages as there are variables to the percentage savings. Though not as clear cut as say LED lighting with turn off turn on energy data, the government has been able achieve outcomes for calculations of rebates to solar where there are variation in climate conditions due to the location of the install and solar PV radiation. The same can be said of iP Hybrid technology, the variables aside from ambient temp is the relative humidity. We look to work with governments to contribute to the methodologies on that basis to obtain a fair outcome in any available rebates being considered for Hybrid AC. We call, talk and are always open to ministers willing to learn about what is achievable and practical in reducing the cost of living to households.

The iP Hybrid technology achieves the outcome from using currently wasted condensate water generated by all conventional AC units.

A conventional AC unit cools the refrigerant gas after the compressor using the condenser and ambient air.

The innovative method of iP Hybrid is the use of a more effective heat transfer means of cold water to transfer that heat away. Consider if you burn your finger in the kitchen do you waive it in the air or place it under a running cold water tap? Which method will reduce the heat in your burn? Answer, cold water. Condensate water is created the same way as when you take of cold drink out of the fridge on a hot day with no additional energy required.


By using the cold condensate water instead of ambient air, we also increase the life of the AC unit and reduce maintenance costs. As the water is initially pure and at a constant flow. The end result is a higher temp water at the outlet and this will eliminate any pathogens as the water is ejected safely from the tank overflow, just slightly warmer than the original 10 degrees Celsius.

Our company has committed to offering to selected clients fully funded trial packages including installation. Where, if the product does not achieve energy savings on installation based on its standard location and usage patterns there will be no cost to the client, an effective contract guarantee. IP Hybrid will do this however, on the basis that if the technology does show the savings achievable from the installation then an order would be placed and a rollout undertaken to the clients other AC units. Let’s face it if the technology shows the savings why would you not install iP Hybrid across all AC units.

I trust this additional information is helpful and please follow up direct with Anup in SA as we are sure that he will be able to assist you in reducing the running costs to families and businesses.


Independent Products Team

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